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Our Products


At Kuazom, we offer premium snack merchandisers that are reliable and user-friendly. We provide complete vending services, including different snack machine. You can choose between numerous tasty brand-name candies, snacks, pastries, mints, and gum. 


We provide a full line of automatic fresh brewed drink merchandisers, which offer a wide range of different beverages and coffee flavors. Do you want French Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Decaf, English Toffee, Iced Teas, Chocolate Milk, or Irish Cream? Contact us now.


We offer food vending machines for our customers to access fresh and refrigerated food for everyday needs. You can select a wide range of refrigerated and fresh items from the machine, including sandwiches, hot dogs, chicken salad, cheese steaks, cream cheese, and burgers, Italian hoagies.


We offer intelligent tech vending machines. Our machines will provide your employees self-service access to healthy refreshments 24/7.